Association Information


Shenzhen Association in the Netherlands and Belgium is an association that is founded by entrepreneurs, professions and overseas Chinese in the Netherlands and Belgium. It aims to create a platform for overseas communities, providing community service, and to contribute to the development of business trade between China and the Netherlands, Belgium. The main function of the association is to gather member strength, unite member resources, and guide members with upfront business trading information.



  1. Organizing all kinds of business trading activities, helping members to expand their business, and creating a platform for business opportunities.
  2. To provide members with consultancies, arranging events with government agencies, and organizing seminars about management experience sharing.
  3. Providing members with upfront business information, enlarging their business opportunities.
  4. Through networking and cultural exchange activities, increase the contact and communication bond internally and externally.
  5. Having corporation with recognized law firms, and professions from all industries to protect the legal rights of our members.



In the future, we hope that through the efforts of all founders and members, the association with performing its service more professionally and more efficiently, with an attitude of high diversity tolerance. In addition, through gathering member strengths, we hope to unite resources from all perspective, including government resources, human resources, information resources, etc. We encourage you to actively participate in our activities, to share, to improve, and to develop together.