About SZBA

Chairman Theo Chang: “we are on our way creating the bridge between Shenzhen, China and the Netherlands.”

“As a Chinese who have lived my life many years abroad, I have come to realize that the establishment and development of overseas Chinese community, is a crucial reason why millions of overseas Chinese managed to make a living and make a fortune in a foreign country. Meanwhile, as a Chinese who rooted from Longgang Shenzhen, I have been given special attention to my hometown. I am surprised every time I visited Shenzhen, by its rapid development of the city, high-rise prosperity and booth of business opportunities.

Shenzhen and the Netherlands have both occupied themselves in an important geographical location. On the one hand, Shenzhen is connected to mainland China and located next to Hong Kong. On the other hand, the Netherlands is located in the Western Europe, bordering Germany, Belgium, is one of the most important import and export ports of Europe. This two regions will have a foresighted great future of corporation.

Shenzhen Association in the Netherlands and Belgium serves as the main bridge between Shenzhen China and the Netherlands and Belgium; we will perform our tasks of providing a key to the door of business trades and cultural exchange. Not only enhance the communication in these three regions, but also increase business corporations inbound and outbound, demographically and globally.”